Monday, September 19, 2011

Message from Pi Villaraza - Baylan (Philippine Shaman)

Below is a message shared with me and several others from Pi Villaraza, international teacher and healer of the Inner Dance movement.

Inner Dance is a spontaneous healing, energy movement that awoken in Pi while fasting in isolation for two years only on cocconuts in a remote island of the Philippines. The Inner Dance energy is spreading across the planet and has personally transformed my life and awoken the healer within. Here is a message from him at this time. Also, below is a link to an article written by a psychologist who experienced the Inner Dance movement/healing and his encounter with Pi and this healing movement. This is is a fantastic article and worth a read.
If you are interrested in experiencing the Inner Dance in Vancouver, please contact me.  xox Clarity 

"As you might be feeling into, the planetary shift has been accelerating over the past months, weeks and days. Hardly a day goes by when we do not become more and more sensitized and aware of the increase in the world's vibratory frequency. Observe carefully what is happening these days (around the world and around us) and rather than see things in details, see them as patterns that are part of a larger pattern. Not a static pattern but a wave pattern, a wave that is constantly changing. It's an opportunity to take stock of what is happening in each and every one of us, and how to build up trust, intuition and our ability to log into the the vibratory shift, just as easily as we log onto the internet.

We are not unique in our process. We are in everything as everything is in our cellular vibration. With global energy beginning to re-allign with each other, our present goal is to hold more strongly to that trusting and intuitive part of ourselves while the energy that is omniscient, that is self-organizing, begins to just swim in the same flow as a deep river of consciousness flowing beneath what we read in the news and the over-all social and machine-like dimensions we live through every day.

When we open up to Inner-directed movement, the Inner Dance, we will shift consciously rather than reactively. For those of you who are choosing to embark on the Teacher's Program, we are committing to change as well as helping others with their own bodily and emotional changes.

I am sharing the information in this link above right now for us as a group of energy facilitators to assist the planet's energy re-formation process as our old energy begins to dis-integrate and our new choices re-integrate themselves into a new Us. These sharings were made at salient transformational points in people's lives from around the world even before the bigger portals have opened. When the world shifts reaches critical mass, many many more people will be getting ill, fall into depressions, come into material (financial) and emotional (relationship) challenges. Just like the people in this link, our friends and family and future relations will also possibly tap into a point of transformation amidst the point of dis-integration.

We want to become aware of when and how this takes place. In others and within us. It is the point of magic, the point of change.

On your willingness, maybe we can start using this group to start sharing our own experiences on the points of dis-integration, of transformation and of re-integration.

A British researcher's article written on his Inner Dance journey is a timeless piece on the energy wave of change, that very special time in our lives when a whirlwind of problems and opportunities whisks us from our comfort zones and onto the Vision Quest:
I send you peace, love and gratefulness for being who you are in this world. Namaste."

Pi Villaraza


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